Val Wilson's Personal Email Coaching & Mentoring Option

Thank you for subscribing to IM Confidential. Please check your email for your login details. While you wait for that to arrive, I have an exclusive and very limited offer for you.

Let Me Be Your One-On-One Business Coach And Mentor, And I'll Be There To Help You Every Step Of The Way....

I’ll be really brief – this isn’t for everyone and it’s only available to a handful of clients at a time.

I want YOU to earn more and work less. In fact, that’s what the IM Confidential Newsletter is all about

And my personal email mentoring and coaching program will get you there quicker and easier than any other method

We’ll work together on a one-to-one basis. You’ll get my dedicated coaching email address, and can ask me as many questions as you want.  

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ structure to follow. This will be unique to you and your business, and together we’ll look at where you are in your business, and brainstorm how to move your business forward and get you earning more and working less as quickly as possible.  

You will be working personally with ME to achieve your business goals – this will NOT be outsourced to a support team.  

But first some things you need to be aware of...

1. You need to be willing to work. As I already said on the previous page, you will not achieve anything without hard work. There is no such thing as money for nothing. I don’t sell push button solutions – I sell solid strategies that are proven to work every time if you’ll commit your time. By hiring me you’re also agreeing that you’ll work on your business as much as is required to reap the rewards.

2. You need to be honest with me. You must speak openly and frankly about what you have achieved so far, your strenghts and weaknesses, and what you realistically hope to achieve. Bluffing will not help you or me. Everything you tell me is of course 100% confidential.

3. You need to be an ethical business person. I only work with people with a similar moral outlook to myself – and by that I mean people who treat others as they would like to be treated themselves.

Sound fair enough?

So, Your Questions...

How Much Does this Cost?

My personal email coaching and mentoring program normally costs £697 a month. (You’ll notice I don’t try to hide the price or make you call me to find out.)

But exclusively for IM Confidential members, I am offering this exact same personal email coaching and mentoring program for just $497 a month – a saving of $200 every month.

As long as you remain on my coaching program, you will never pay more than this, no matter how much others pay.

How Long Does This Last?

As long as you need me.

There is no ‘contract’ to sign or any sort of tie-in at all. If you think you are not getting value from me, you can cancel at any time. But the astute marketers reading this will realise that this is basically FREE coaching. If you put the time in, you should expect to cover my fee very quickly then go on to bigger ongoing profits.

To be honest, if I think my coaching is not making you much, much more than you pay me, I will ASK you to cancel. I only ever want to work with successful people.

Why Would I Want Coached By You?

You are NOT dealing here with someone who will immediately hand you off to an assistant as so many ‘gurus’ do. You’ll be working personally with me and me only.

I’ve been online for almost a decade (since 2008).

Since then, I’ve made countless mistakes, wasted a shedload of money on products I should not have bought (mostly shiny objects) and learnt the hard way about who to trust… and who to avoid like the plague.

And I’m as open and honest about my failures as much as my successes.

But the thing is… I HAVE learned a lot. Even the things that fell flat on their face taught me what DIDN’T work.

And now I have a very good grasp of what does work and have built a successful internet business, and make a good income from internet marketing.

I’ve got pretty good at creating products, at setting up sales funnels, at affiliate marketing… among other things.

These are just a few screenshots of some of my affiliate promotions.

And here are a couple of screenshots from my WarriorPlus & JVZoo accounts. I also have other accounts and sell through other platforms (like Clickbank and Thrivecart) and also earn from programs in non-IM niches.

I’ve spent years learning how to build an online business, and by automating as much of the business as possible I can now enjoy the financial freedom and the free time it gives me.

And I Want To Help You Have The Same Success

Of course, I cannot guarantee your success.

I don’t know your background or how much time you’re willing to put in – like I said, you WILL need to work on your business.

But when you hire me as your personal coach and mentor you’ll have full access to my knowledge, experience and resources in order to make you a successful online business person as fast as possible.

This program does not include any guarantees other than I will make myself available to you and do everything I can to help you. And there are no refunds because I put a lot of effort into working with my clients and cannot reclaim this time.

Books and Information Products Are Great Learning Tools, But One-On-One Coaching And Mentoring Will Take You to The Next Level...

Once you become my personal coaching and mentoring client you’ll have full access to me through my dedicated coaching email. I’ll send you an initial questionnaire that will give me some background information about you so I can tailor my coaching to suit you best.

There is no set pattern to follow, it’ll be unique to you and your business. Together we’ll look at where you are in your business, and brainstorm how to move things forward and get you earning more and working less as quickly as possible.

You can email me as often as you like and you’ll be able to use this coaching as you wish. Advice, help with copy, brainstorming, accountability, help with mindset issues, a second opinion on your products and services… anything you need.

I want to work with people who are dedicated to building a real, long-term business for themselves and their families – and are prepared to do what it takes to get there.

If that’s YOU then let’s get started…

Normal Price


IM Confidential
Special Price

per month

Remember, you get personal one-on-one time with me dedicated to building your business. You’ll never get handed off to anyone else. Take this opportunity to stop spinning your wheels and see the real success you deserve.

PS: Because of the nature of this offer, this is strictly limited. For my email coaching I commit to giving as much time as every client needs, I don’t do half jobs. Because I can only work with so many people at one time, this offer may close at any time without notice.

PPS: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here

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